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About the Author - Paul Winslow

Paul WinslowPaul Winslow is the son of missionary parents to old China. He worked his way through high school, college and university, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering. Paul has worked for Caterpillar in Latin America and as a manager in various businesses, a partner in a management consulting firm, a board member of large corporations, and as a pastor and teacher for 37 years.

He has studied the Scriptures under Ray Stedman, Dr. Bruce Waltke, J.I. Packer and John Stott. He is enthusiastic about God’s Word and is a gifted Bible expositor and teacher. He is a co-author of The Lord and the Elders (a book about eldership and church leadership) and the author of Wisdom’s Call (a book on Biblical wisdom).

Paul is married to Karen (since 1962). They have three grown and married children plus seven grandchildren. For years Paul has organized and led many “adventures”, including — canoe trips in Canada — motorcycle trips to Alaska, Australia and throughout the US — offroad bike trips in the Western US, Mexico and Baja — mission trips to Nigeria, Israel, Indonesia, Australia and Mexico. He is an avid skier, dirt & street biker, scuba diver and outdoorsman.

Please feel free to contact Paul at any time to discuss your organizational issues and how he can help — (509) 928-8562 or phwinslow@juno.com

Available Books

Wisdom's Call

Wisdom's Call - a book by Paul Winslow
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The Lord and the Elders - a hardcopy book
by Paul Winslow & Dorman Followwill.
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The Lord & the Elders